Lot for Sale in Tagaytay!

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Lot for sale in 40 Taal Circle, Lakeview Heights Subdivision in Tagaytay Highlands: A 500 sq. meter lot, ready to build with full utilities (with backup power), clean air and the peace and quiet that is so hard to find elsewhere. Lakeview Heights showcases the Asian culture, embracing architectural influences from such diverse origins as the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan. Construction and landscaping are guided in accordance with the contemporary Asian architectural theme, while allowing ample opportunity for individual expression. Lakeview Heights is exclusive to members of the Highlands and Midlands Golf and Country Clubs.

Lot Size: 500 square meters

Selling Price: Priced to sell!  Php7.8M (previously Php 8,995,000)

For more information on this property, or to arrange a time to view the property.

Contact: Anna Christie Dela Resma:
Email Address: eranna1220@me.com,
USA Phone #:  
+1 (206) 285 9343.
USA Cell #:  +1 (470) 265-0653
Local Contact – James Castro:  +63-917-258-5180

Features Include: Just a 100 yards from the first fairway of the beautiful, world-class Midlands Golf Club in Lakeview Heights – a well-established subdivision with all the amenities you’d expect of a such an exclusive address.

Additional Information:

  • Family Membership to Tagaytay Midlands GCC also available for an additional PP 500k.
  • Complete underground utilities.
  • Ample water supply through the privately-owned Tagaytay Midlands water system.
  • A gated community with 24-hour security service.
  • 24/7 emergency care unit.
  • Provided with 100% emergency power supply

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Farm for sale in Quezon Province!

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ON SALE: Land For Sale By Owner in Quezon Province in Luzon: The Price was down from 5 Million Pesos to 4 Million Pesos: Investment Farm With Short-Term & Long-Term Income Opportunities: A 5.2 hectares farm is up for grab up North in Calauag, Quezon. Just South of Manila, approximately 4-6 hour drive by private transport. Approximately 300 meters from Maharlika Highway. With barangay road access. Peaceful area, friendly neighborhood, area safe from typhoons. One-of-a-kind investment, with waterfalls and fishpond, with lucrative short-term and long-term income opportunities. No tenants, currently managed and maintained by the owner. Clean title, no encumbrance, current tax declaration – copy of documents available per request.

Contact Feyma for more information on this property, or to arrange a time to view the property.

Semi Concrete House:

  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms

Land Area: 5.2 Hectares

Selling Price: 4 Million Pesos

  •  3 Months Interest-Free Term Payment
  • CASH PAYMENT (Discount Available)

***Land Descriptions:***

  • with semi-concrete house (2 bedrooms and toilet and bath)
  • fertile soil, ample water supply
  • with power connected on the farm
  • already established, can be further developed into a nature park / bed and breakfast or getaway
  • also perfect for hydroponics and / or greenhouse
  • currently generating income – copra
  • charcoal every 45 days
  •  ginger every 9 months
  • fruits
  • vegetables produce
  • hot pepper
  • string beans
  • watermelon
  • squash
  • eggplant, etc

***What’s in the farm:***

  • 800+ coconut trees (plus 200+ young coconut trees)
  • 400+mahogany trees planted along the boundary lines
  • 2 narra trees
  • 7 mature bamboo trees
  • 3 vermiculture beds
  • greenhouses
  • 2 waterfalls
  • 2 rice paddies
  • brooding house for chickens
  • goat pen
  • large fishpond (currently with tilapia and dalag) with rest area
  • manual processing machine for virgin coconut oil
  • 1 carabao with cart (kariton)
  • 50 citrus trees
  • 20 grapefruit (suha)
  • 3 mangosteen
  • 3 calamansi
  • 3 guyabano
  • 8 mango
  • 3 rambutan
  • 7 santol
  • 2 star apple
  • 1 avocado
  • 6 jackfruit (langka)
  • 20 papaya
  • assorted variety of bananas
  • Variety of newly-planted organically-grown fruits and vegetables – eggplant, hot pepper, tomatoes, 1000 string beans, 300 squash, 1000 watermelon, etc
  • Assorted seedlings – 200 marigold, 200 cosmos, 200 melampodium (button gold), 100 basil lemon penang, 100 basil holy samui, 100 basil holy nicobar, 50 dwarf sunflower, 200 rensoni
  • Assorted herbs – asitaba, chives, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, taragon, citronella, lemongrass

BONUS: Joint Venture Project With Mabuhay Mahogany Corporation (MMC): Plant 1,000 mahogany trees (1 hectare of land) at MMC’s cost – Total Gross Income of PhP 15 million at the end of 15 years with a 60-40 profit sharing with MMC (60% farm owner). This is guaranteed gross income of PhP 9 million (60% share of farm owner) after 15 years.

Another bonus: 1,000 watermelons, 300 squash and 1,000 string beans due for harvest in April or May 2013. and many more…

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Beautiful Waterfalls!
Beautiful Waterfalls!
The Pond!
The Pond!
Some seedlings, ready to plant!
Some seedlings, ready to plant!
The owner enjoying the fruits!
The owner enjoying the fruits!
The farm with the pond!
The farm with the pond!
Some of the plants in the farm!
Some of the plants in the farm!
The eggplant!
The eggplant!
Fish in the pond!
Fish in the pond!
The guyabano (soursop) fruit!
The guyabano (soursop) fruit!
Another mini falls in the property!
Another mini falls in the property!